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     Estonian Council of Churches


The aim of the ECC in the field of ecumenism is development of cooperation and joint projects between the different denominations represented in the Estonian Council of Churches.

This includes promotion of theological dialogue between members churches of the ECC, regular organisation of project competitions, granting of annual awards and organisation of ecumenical services.

Ecumenical annual awards

The annual award of the Estonian Council of Churches is granted for outstanding contribution to an ecumenical field.

Recipients can be individuals or organisations that have embodied the unity of the Church as Christ’s Body in its diversity through their work.

All permanent residents of Estonia can nominate candidates, but candidates may not nominate themselves.

The award together with a letter of appreciation is presented at the start of a church year.

Collection “History of Estonian Ecumenism”

The year 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Estonian Council of Churches.

To celebrate this occasion, the ECC published a collection of studies detailing the development of ecumenical movement in Estonia. The book provides a good overview of the past and present ecumenical cooperation between Estonia’s Christian churches.

The aim of the book is to demonstrate to society how Christian principles have created a foundation for extensive cooperation for the benefit of Estonian people.

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