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     Estonian Council of Churches


The objective of media work of the Estonian Council of Churches (EEC) is active and comprehensive communication with society to raise general awareness on Christianity and its teachings. The EEC also participates in public discussions as a sign of openness of churches towards society.

One of the main avenues of work over the years has been good cooperation with the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company.

Series “Temporal and Eternal”

The series “Temporal and Eternal” (Ajalik ja ajatu) has been broadcast on Sundays on Estonian Television (ETV) for many years, featuring representatives of the clergy of the member churches, as well as notable cultural and art figures, scientists and people from other areas of life. The series mainly focuses on current issues in church and society, as well as general presentation of Christianity. The series is available for viewing on demand in the archive website of the ETV at www.etv.err.ee/arhiiv.

Morning prayers and broadcasts from services

On Christian festivals and public holidays, Estonian Television often transmits live broadcasts from services. Morning prayers are included in radio programmes of the Vikerraadio and Klassikaraadio channels of the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company. On Vikerraadio, a morning meditation is broadcast around 6:32 on weekdays and a morning prayer is aired at 7:35 on Sundays. On Klassikaraadio, morning prayers are broadcast daily at 7:15. The morning prayers of the past month are available for listening on demand at the website www.vikerraadio.ee under the menu “Kuula saadte arhiivi” (Programme archive) and link “Hommikumõtisklus” (Morning meditation).

Broadcasts from services are transmitted on Vikerraadio and Klassikaraadio channels of the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company on major Christian festivals: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Day.

Programme “Church Life”

“Church Life” (Kirikuelu) is a Christian news programme on Vikerraadio, a radio channel of the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company. Presentations of various church institutions, organisations and phenomena and reports on the problems in church life are also important parts of the programme. “Church Life” (Kirikuelu) is available for listening on demand at the website www.vikerraadio.ee under the menu “Kuula saadete arhiivi” (Programme archive).

Wayfarers’ Churches project

The aim of the project is to provide information on Estonian churches, which are open during the summer season, to tourists visiting Estonia as well as local travellers. The churches that have joined the project are open on summer weekdays to all visitors. They can step inside and experience the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of a church building. More information on the project is available at www.teelistekirikud.ekn.ee.

The Estonian Council of Churches is also represented at the Estonian Press Council, an organisation set up for media self-regulation (http://www.asn.org.ee).

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